Post Overdose Response Team (PORT)

What is the Post Overdose Response Team (PORT)? 

The Post-Overdose Response Team is a specialized unit within the Health One program. Our Health One crews are generalists, responding to a wide variety of needs: behavioral crisis, minor medical concerns, issues around homelessness and substance abuse, falls, self-neglect and much more. In contrast, PORT (which goes by H99 within the department), focuses narrowly on individuals who have experienced opioid overdoses. Modeled after several similar fire department-based programs, the team aims to connect overdose survivors with medications for opioid use disorder, primary care and other supportive services.

Who is on the team? 

PORT is drawn from staff already serving the Health One program. Several case managers and firefighters are receiving additional training on opioid use disorders, treatment medications, city services, medical connections and more.

PORT Responses

PORT responds emergently to overdoses with the aim of engaging patients as soon as they have been resuscitated.On scene, the crew can offer educational materials, Naloxone kits, harm reduction information and immediate connections with providers and clinics. The team aims to quickly return other EMS and law enforcement units to service, both increasing their capacity to respond to other emergencies as well as de-intensifying the scene for patients who may be overwhelmed, sick or afraid.

In addition to responses, PORT will also follow up with clients seen recently for overdoses or referred by SFD Operations. These visits may include further discussion of treatment options, transport to clinics, help understanding medications such as buprenorphine or methadone, benefit assistance and more.

PORT primarily focuses on the downtown and nearby areas of Seattle but may engage clients anywhere in the city.

Members of the public requesting additional information on Opioid Use Disorder or would like to obtain Naloxone should visit

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