Operational Details


Health One teams respond out of Fire Department SUVs or pickup trucks. The latter are customized to meet the team's needs, including ample storage space for equipment and supplies and a spacious cab to accommodate both crew and clients alike.

Photo collage of the Health One apparatus.

Our crews respond in the field with a full set of EMS equipment, including medical supplies and automated defibrillator. The rigs are also furnished with an ample supply of outreach items, including nutritious food, beverages (including hot drinks in the winter), clothing of all sizes, hygiene supplies, mobile phones for clients, and more. If needed, the rigs hold our firefighters' bunking gear and hand tools and a full suite of communications equipment. 

Health One shifts last ten hours and may begin at 7:00, 8:00, or 9:00 a.m, Monday through Friday. During extreme weather events these hours may expand to include nights and weekends.  
Dispatch and Referrals

Health One is dispatched by the SFD Fire Alarm Center. Units may be directly dispatched for issues such as welfare checks or falls, or may be requested by SFD units on the scene. The Health One teams may also self-dispatch to new or ongoing clients. 
Referrals to Health One come primarily via SFD firefighters. Certain partners, such as other crisis teams, may refer clients as well.  
On the Scene

Whether requested by SFD firefighters or self-dispatched, Health One teams provide a variety of services, interventions, and referrals once on the scene. Our teams are trained in crisis intervention, de-escalation, and motivational interviewing for clients in crisis and approach all persons with a trauma-informed lens. Firefighters can provide triage and address minor medical concerns while case managers make referrals to a wide variety of resources: shelters, crisis centers, clinics, next-day appointments, social service agencies, and more. If needed, Health One crews can transport clients to non-hospital destinations, either in their apparatus or via taxi, rideshare, or other means. Health One teams are experienced in working collaboratively with other first responders, crisis teams, case managers, ambulance crews, and others to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.  

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