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The mission of the Seattle Fire Department is to save lives and protect property through emergency medical services, fire and rescue response and fire prevention. We respond immediately when any member of our community needs help with professional, effective and compassionate service.

The Seattle Fire Department is a national leader in responding to and preventing emergencies with a commitment to excellence and teamwork. We seek a diverse workforce who embrace the following values.

  • Integrity - We are honest, trustworthy and accountable. Honor guides our actions.
  • Teamwork - We each bring our own skills and experience, yet we recognize that we are better together. We support and depend on each other to achieve our goals.
  • Compassion - Caring is part of our job. We could not do what we do without a deep and motivating empathy for those we serve.
  • Courage - We show fortitude and determination in a crisis.
  • Diversity - We respect the different identities, experiences, and perspectives of those that we work with and the community we serve.

The Seattle Fire Department is looking to create a diverse team of hardworking, committed individuals with a passion for public service and who are deeply aligned with our City's values of Race and Social Justice. The City of Seattle is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants are considered for positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, gender identity, political ideology or any other basis prohibited by federal, state and local laws.

Job of a Seattle Firefighter

Under general supervision, a firefighter responds to fires, accidents and medical emergencies to protect life and property; participates in fire inspections, fire prevention activities, station maintenance and training activities; and performs related work as required.

All Seattle firefighters are either EMT or paramedic certified. Eighty percent of emergency calls received by the department are medical in nature.

Seattle firefighters must be able to learn a wide variety of firefighting procedures, methods and operations, including the operation and maintenance of firefighting apparatus, equipment and tools. Successful firefighters must be able to learn technical principles of hydraulics and fire chemistry as applied to fire suppression. They must be able to learn and apply principles of building construction as applies to fire suppression and fire protection. They must be able to learn proper driving procedures of various fire apparatus. They must be able to perform manipulative tasks requiring manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. They must have the physical strength and agility to perform strenuous physical work. Lastly, they must use good judgment in the application of firefighting, first aid, and other emergency techniques and procedures.

Please review our hiring process for information on becoming a Seattle Firefighter. Once offered a position, all candidates must successfully complete our in-house, paid recruit training program.

Speciality Teams

After completing their probationary year, Seattle firefighters may apply for a number of speciality teams, such as Hazardous Materials, Rescue, and Marine. More information about these special operations can be found here.

Medic One

After serving with the department for two years, Seattle firefighters are eligible to apply for our Medic One Program. Selected firefighters gain their paramedic license through a year-long training program at the Harborview Medical Center. More information on the Medic One Program can be found here.

Administrative Assignments

Seattle firefighters and officers will frequently complete assignments in a variety of divisions outside of Operations, including Fire Prevention, Training, Health One, and other administrative areas. Firefighters may also apply for positions as inspectors and dispatchers.

Promotional Opportunities

Opportunities for promotion include Fireboat Pilot, Fireboat Engineer, Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, and Fire Chief. Most promotional exams are managed by the Fire Exams Unit; more information on these processes can be found here.


Questions about the hiring process should be directed to the Seattle Fire Department Recruitment Office via email to

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The Seattle Fire Department (SFD) has 33 fire stations located throughout the City. SFD deploys engine companies, ladder companies, and aid and medic units to mitigate loss of life and property resulting from fires, medical emergencies, and other disasters.