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The Seattle Fire Code is developed in cooperation with the Fire Code Advisory Board (FCAB), a volunteer advisory board that represents the interests of the public, organized labor and local business, industry and technical trades. We develop new editions of the Seattle Fire Code every three years.

2021 Seattle Code Adoption

Draft versions of the 2021 Seattle Fire Code are available for free review. The Seattle Fire Code is being updated to the 2021 code edition. The effective date of the 2021 Washington state codes is March 15, 2024. The effective date for the 2021 Seattle codes is no sooner than September 30, 2024 which allows time for adoption of local amendments. After the State effective date of March 15, 2024, but prior to the mandatory City of Seattle effective date, applicants can choose to design to either the 2018 Seattle Codes or the 2021 Seattle Codes.  A code modification request is not required during this period. If any part of a project is approved under the 2021 codes, all of the project must use the 2021 codes.

The 2018 and 2021 Seattle Fire Codes have pre-implemented language from 2023 NFPA 855 and 2024 International Fire Code related to energy storage systems, lithium-ion batteries, and micro-mobility devices and industrial trucks. These changes are consistent with action taken by the Washington State Building Code Council for the 2021 Fire Code in Washington. Please see our ESS information sheet on code amendments and our tips for permits applicants.

2018 Seattle Fire Code

The 2018 Seattle Fire Code was adopted by City Council in early 2021 and took effect on March 22, 2021.   

Code Modification or Alternate

Code modifications and alternates are intended to provide flexibility for the fire code official to grant modifications for individual cases where the strict letter of the Seattle Fire Code is impractical and the modification does not lessen health, life and fire safety requirements. To obtain approval for a modification, the contractor, design professional, owner or permit applicant may submit a Code Modification or Alternate Request Form and any supporting data or documentation to the Seattle Fire Marshal’s Office. For further details, see Client Assistance Memo #1040.

Free review on the draft 2021 Seattle Fire Code is available here.

Free review of the 2018 Seattle Fire Code is available online from here.

Seattle Building Codes are available on the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) code pages.

The Seattle Fire Code provides authority for the Fire Code Official to adopt policies, procedures, rules and regulations to clarify the application of the fire code.

Administrative Rules are reviewed and approved by FCAB prior to public notice in the Daily Journal of Commerce and are then filed with the Seattle City Clerk.

Administrative Rule 1.01.17 - Fee Waiver Policies for Compliance Re-Inspection Fees Charged by the Fire Marshal's Office
Administrative Rule 9.01.20 - Certificates of Competency for Installing, Inspecting, Testing and Maintaining Fire Protection Systems

Administrative Rule 9.02.24 - Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Reporting Requirements for Fire Protection Systems and Emergency Responder Radio Amplification Systems

Administrative Rule 9.03.20 - Automatic Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems

Administrative Rule 9.04.24 - Impaired Fire Protection Systems and Emergency Responder Radio Amplification Systems

Administrative Rule 9.05.18 - Alarm Signal Verification
Administrative Rule 9.06.14 - Sprinkler Systems and Fire Alarms for Elevator Machinery Rooms, Hoist Ways and Pits
Administrative Rule 9.07.17 - Partial / Phased Occupancy, Occupancy During Construction and Temporary Certificates of Occupancy

Administrative Rule 9.09.18 - Visible Alarm Notification Devices

Administrative Rule 11.01.18 - Fire Escape Stair Structural Examination, Testing and Repair Requirements
Administrative Rule 12.01.22 - Energy Storage Systems
Administrative Rule 26.01.24 - Cutting, Welding and Other Hot Work on Marine Vessel
Administrative Rule 26.02.24 - Designated Marine Hot Work Facilities and Shipyard
Administrative Rule 27.01.24 - Marine Terminals
Administrative Rule 27.02.04 - Storage and Use of Hazardous Materials, Including Flammable and Combustible Liquids, in Freight Containers Outside of Buildings
Administrative Rule 34.02.07 - Decommissioning Residential Heating Oil Tanks

CAMs help explain the requirements of the Seattle Fire Code.

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | 简体中文 执行建筑安全与消防法规 | Español  | Af-Soomaali | 한국어 | Tiếng Việt | አማርኛ | Tagalog | Khmer | ไทย | ລາວ 

CAM 1040 Requesting a Code Modification or Alternate

CAM 1200 Lithium Ion battery safety for personal mobility devices and other personal devices

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | 简体中文 执行建筑安全与消防法规 | Español  | Af-Soomaali | 한국어 | Tiếng Việt | አማርኛ | Tagalog

CAM 5001 Obtaining a Permit

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | 简体中文 执行建筑安全与消防法规 | Español | 한국어 | Af-Soomaali | Tagalog | Tiếng Việt | አማርኛ

CAM 5002 Electronic File Standards: Shop Drawings for Fire Protection Systems

CAM 5022 Recreational and Cooking Fire Regulations

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | Español | 한국어 | Af-Soomaali | Tagalog | Tiếng Việt | አማርኛ

CAM 5032 Fire Inspections for Nightlife and Entertainment Venues

 繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | 简体中文 执行建筑安全与消防法规 | Español | 한국어 | Af-Soomaali | TagalogTiếng Việt

CAM 5033 Ceremonial Fireworks

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規Khmer 한국어 | ລາວ | ไทยTiếng Việt

CAM 5034 Public Safety Plans and Crowd Managers

CAM 5042 Fire Code Regulations for Holiday Decorations

CAM 5051 Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans

CAM 5052 Fire Emergency Guide

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | Español | 한국어 | Af-Soomaali | Tagalog | Tiếng Việt | አማርኛ

CAM 5072 Fire Emergency Plans for Marinas, Piers, Wharves and Floats

CAM 5120 Liquid Oxygen in Home Healthcare

CAM 5121 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements in Existing Residential Occupancies

CAM 5122 Wired Emergency Communication Systems

CAM 5123 Emergency Responder/Public Safety Radio Enhancement Systems

Radio Coverage Assessment Form

CAM 5124 Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems

CAM 5961 Fire Extinguishers

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | 简体中文 执行建筑安全与消防法规Español | 한국어 | Af-Soomaali | Tagalog | Tiếng Việt

CAM 5962 Decommissioning of Residential Heating Oil Tanks

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | Español | 한국어 | Af-Soomaali | Tagalog | Tiếng Việt | አማርኛ

CAM 5963 High Rise Emergency Evacuation Drills

CAM 5965 Key Boxes for Emergency Access

CAM 5966 The Engineering Inspection Process 

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | 简体中文 执行建筑安全与消防法规 | Español | 한국어 | Af-Soomaali | Tagalog | Tiếng Việt | አማርኛ

CAM 5969 Building Safety and Inspections 

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | 简体中文 执行建筑安全与消防法规 | EspañolAf-SoomaaliTiếng Việt

CAM 5970 Preventable or "False" Alarms 

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | 简体中文 执行建筑安全与消防法规 | Español한국어 | Af-SoomaaliTagalog | Tiếng Việt | አማርኛ

CAM 5971 Testing of Fire Protection Systems and Emergency Responder Radio Amplification Systems 

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | 简体中文 执行建筑安全与消防法规 | Español | Af-Soomaaliไทย | Tiếng Việt

Seattle Fire Report of Impaired System Form 

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | 简体中文 执行建筑安全与消防法规 | Español | Af-Soomaali | Tiếng Việt

CAM 5972 Requesting a Review by the Seattle Fire Code Appeals Board 

繁體中文 建築安全和消防執行法規 | Español | 한국어Af-Soomaali | Tagalog | Tiếng Việt

CAM 5973 Fire Escape Confidence Testing

CAM 5974 Emergency Lighting: Testing and Inspection

CAM 5981 High-Rise Building Inspection Program

CAM 5982 High Rise Fire Emergency Planning Requirements

CAM 5983 High-Piled Combustible Storage

CAM 5987 Smoke Detector Installation

CAM 5991 Fire Watch

NFPA Amendments

The 2018 Seattle Fire Code has two new chapters 40 and 41. Chapter 40, Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems, includes the reference to the 2017 edition of the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) Standard 130, which was adopted by Washington state. The City of Seattle has adopted local amendments to that standard, and those are shown in Chapter 40 of the 2018 Seattle Fire Code. Chapter 41, Road Tunnels, Bridges and Other Limited Access Highways, includes the reference to the 2017 edition of NFPA Standard 502 with City of Seattle adopted local amendments. 

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