Operating Board Meetings
The Seattle Water Supply System “Operating Board” has been in existence since 2002. The Operating Board meets on a monthly basis to conduct Board business as it relates to the policy and operational matters of the Seattle Regional Water Supply System.

The composition of the Operating Board consists of Wholesale customers (Cities and Districts) who have signed a Full/Partial or Block contract with the City of Seattle. The Board consists of seven (7) voting members. These members include three senior staff from Seattle and one Wholesale Utility representative from each category; Small, Medium and Large. The seventh Board member is an independent member who has no employment, financial or contractual relationship with Seattle nor any wholesale customer and no apparent conflict of interest. This member is selected by a majority vote of the other Board members.

Technical Forums
The Technical Forums have been in existence since 2003. Each forum is comprised of a representative from a City, District or Cascade Water Alliance and is independent of the Operating Board.

The each forum decides their leadership structure, agendas, meeting frequency and record keeping.

The chair of each Technical forum present to the Operating Board either on a yearly basis or as needed.